About Me

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

My name is Michele…with “one letter l”. I’m a 27 year old Floridian living in and exploring Northern California with my husband and our two fur babies. I graduated from Florida State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing, and there I met the love of my life in an advanced fiction workshop our senior year. With no job and a quickly dwindling checking account, I decided to make my way out to CA to live with my parents, and in no time fell in love with it. I convinced my fiance to finally move out here a year and a half later and now we’re getting hitched!

I work for a university in fundraising doing absolutely no creative writing. I am totally okay with that because it gives me a chance to come home from work and sit down with books written by people far more creative than myself. I should probably also mention I’m a bit chatty (I guess you could say it’s an occupational hazard), and that is why you and I are both here.  This is a place for me to talk with you about the books I love (and sometimes don’t love all that much), the adventures my little family and I go on and the occasional recipe I’m perfecting…because who doesn’t love a good cupcake now and then?

I hope you enjoy hanging out with me as much as I enjoy sharing the things I love with you :).


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