Under the Never Sky

It’s a very rare occasion that I, as a 26 (27 next week!) year old woman, am so drawn to a sci-fi/fantasy/young adult adventure such as Under the Never Sky (I’m going to generalize my gender really quick…I am all about a good contemporary love/heartbreak/coming of age situation. I can’t help myself, I love the ugly cry). Bravo Veronica Rossi. This was the first book of a trilogy, and I must say, it was damn excellent. Before I get in to why I loved this book so much (thank you for the recommendation Allison!), can I just say…why hellllooooooo Roar *insert creepy come and get it face*. Ok, now on to the review.

I was hooked to this story right away. The imagery was phenomenal. One of the first real conflicts that occurs in the Ag pod was where I knew that this author had a true talent for making you smell things, hear all the sounds, and feel every stitch of pain her characters do. She makes you use your senses, and as a former writer (ie: just because I have a degree in it, doesn’t mean I can count myself among Ms. Rossi’s ranks), I can tell you that is no easy task. These kinds of details manifested themselves in the gifts that some of these characters wound up having. I love when an author can pull that all together for you and not over do it.

I liked Aria, she started this story as a worried girl just trying to scheme information out of a high ranking security official’s stupid son. I love a good strategist, and that was a  bit of much appreciated foreshadowing of what type of character she would become. A planner, and a fighter. I felt for her, the kind of worry of not hearing from your parent for days at a stretch is horrible, but she was so calm about it. I guess I don’t live in the society, I can’t tell you if the “adults” are willing to hear out their kids or make them feel safe (from the looks of it, some of these parents are pretty shady actually). I guess what I’m trying to say is while I liked this character, I didn’t love her, she was a bit monotone to me in the beginning, and it felt like she felt nothing about hers and her mother’s situation. She wasn’t the main character for me, but I guess that was kind of Veronica’s point in making the entire book alternate between hers and Perry’s point of view. Speaking of Perry…

I felt the same way about this character. I liked him a lot. He was passionate, and mysterious, and super sexy. Give me a a tan luscious man with a mane of blonde hair any day. But he felt everything. This was one dramatic man, people. However, as the story progressed and as their love story unfolded, I could just see why she wrote these characters the way she did. They completely balanced each other. They had chemistry, which is sometimes so hard to “see” when reading a book. It’s easy when you’re watching a movie or TV and you can decide if the actors have that chemistry, but in a book? Again, not  easy. And this chemistry is what stole the show for me. The way Perry describes Aria’s scent after she starts to become what no one expects is just so touching. It is mushy, but it totally made me acutely aware of the scent of my fiance, and how when I’m just randomly picking up laundry or something (even when he is not home) I get a whiff of his scent and it’s just the coziest feeling in the whole world. I loved them and I can’t wait to see where they go in the next two books, especially after that ending!

And one last thing…Roar. Oh, Roar. You are one adorable adorable man. Ok, I’m done being a creeper now. 🙂

I gave this book a 5/5 stars on Goodreads.



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